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AI-Infused Customer Experiences

Presented by EXL and Amelia, an IPsoft Company
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Learn how Conversational AI solutions can deliver a trifecta of impacts: superior experiences, better outcomes and lower costs

Today’s empowered customers engage at their convenience with companies across multiple channels. They can do a mobile search, engage with a live agent, resolve issues through self-service (chatbots), collaborate with peers on social media platforms and make purchases on digital portals. Companies, in turn, are evolving to deliver contextual, intuitive and experiential engagement to customers across various touch points.

Furthermore, with the global pandemic, delivering a seamless customer experience has become even more critical. With people staying at home, maintaining personalized human-to-human interactions between businesses and their customers across channels is exceedingly difficult. Run-of-the-mill scripted chatbots simply do not provide the level of personalized and intelligent service required.

Conversational AI enables companies to deliver more personalized customer experiences. Such technology provides more than simple “if-then” logic in customer interactions; it incorporates Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make human-to-machine conversations more humane. The result? Superior experiences, better outcomes and lower costs, along with the ability to free up your best resources to become more productive than ever before.

EXL, a leading Analytics and Operations Management company, in partnership with Amelia, home of industry-leading Conversational AI agents, is helping clients realize higher ROI and improved CX through scalable and fail-proof methodologies. We use our combined strengths of domain expertise and technology talents to develop innovative solutions for this emerging market trend.

By working together, EXL and Amelia enable clients to tap the business value of AI and analytics, remove unnecessary barriers to adoption, and spearhead the democratization of Conversational AI throughout various vertical industries. Watch this joint webinar to explore:

  • How CX will change with AI, and how Conversational AI will make CX more contextual.
  • How the EXL-Amelia joint partnership will enable Conversational AI solutions at scale.
  • How Conversational AI-led CX can be deployed across industries to build resiliency and solve customer problems.

Our premier presenters: 

  • Ankor Rai, Chief Digital Officer, EXL
  • Chetan Dube, Founder and CEO, Amelia, an IPsoft Company

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