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Conversational AI and Friction-Less Customer Experiences

Learn how Conversational AI can transform your call centers. 

In 2020, IDC says the global shift to remote work and contactless experiences brought Conversational AI into the spotlight. Despite this technology's ability to deliver friction-less user experiences, many organizations rely too heavily on full-time call center agents and employees to handle customer service, methods that are time-consuming, costly and unable to scale.

Implementing Conversational AI as a voice- and chat-based customer service platform allows businesses to redirect precious employee hours from high-volume tasks to more valuable work. The switch from high-contact to contactless service is good for businesses and customers alike, resulting in reduced wait times, more first-touch resolutions and increased agent availability.

Watch our webinar to learn how your company can take advantage of this transformative market trend, with insights from IDC as well as Sterling National Bank, which replaced its outdated IVR with Amelia's Conversational AI capabilities with outstanding results.

Our presenters:

  • Hayley Sutherland, Senior Research Analyst, IDC
  • Jason Vazquez, EVP and CIO, Sterling National Bank
  • Joshua Schechter, Director of Cognitive Implementation, Amelia
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