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Zinnov Zones:
Hyper-Intelligent Automation

Learn Why Amelia is a Leader in IVAs and IT Automation

In a recent analyst report from Zinnov, Amelia is recognized as a Leader in Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) and IT Automation in Zinnov Zones: Hyper-Intelligent Automation, H1 2021.

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The evaluation of IVAs was based on key parameters such as channels supported, deployment, intelligent capabilities and use case coverage. Zinnov scored Amelia the highest compared to other vendors in each of these areas, commending Amelia for its “robust capabilities in intent recognition, contextual understanding and natural language capabilities,” and its industry-specific use cases.

The IT Automation category was assessed on security and governance, integrations, downstream automation and use case coverage. Once again, Zinnov scored Amelia the highest in each of these areas of assessment and recognized its “high focus on platform and data governance” and its extensive integrations. 

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